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Company Profile


ZOOP is a professional consulting service organization for product record-filing, registration, testing and certification. At present, the core business involves consultation on compliance with regulations of cosmetics, disinfection products, and medical devices at home and abroad,as well as testing and certification.  


The business started in 2010 and was established in 2011 in Shenzhen,which is full of energy and innovative.At present, the company has set up branches in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and an office in Beijing.


Over the past 10 years, the company has always adhered to the purpose of "delivering value, efficient service", and actively provides testing, filing, registration, and relevant regulations compliance consulting services for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. 


After years of hard work and development, our team has grown rapidly. All members of the company have a bachelor degree or above, and 70% are from manufacturers or testing and certification organizations which are above designated size and 80% have more than 5 years of industry experience.


In order to ensure the service quality, the company has built a high-quality senior technical team, and front-end consultant team.And has accumulated rich experience in domestic/imported cosmetics licensing,as well as test and certification for domestic cosmetics export,and disinfector licensing,factory production license,domestic/imported medical device licensing and has significant advantages!


Today, the company has established a long-term information sharing mechanism with some authoritative laboratories at home and abroad, as well as some scientific research institutions and universities, to help us stand at the forefront of the regulations , to ensure timely and accurate response to customer consultation, to ensure our efficient service!


Over the years, Zoop has been recognized by more and more clients at home and abroad, and we are especially proud to maintain long-term cooperation with quality traders and brands at home and abroad.We believe that professional, knowledge, experience and a serious and responsible attitude are the cornerstones of our growth and success. We will make the testing, certification and licensing of our clients' products more efficient and economical, so as to help products quickly reach the global market! 


Belief: Serious,not impetuous. Persistence: keep learning to make progress!


Our purpose is : to achieve customers, achieve employees, and then achieve business and return to society!


For more compliant and safe products, for more and more high-quality products, we are willing to make efforts!

We are willing to grow together with the customers who pay attention to quality, and do our part to improve the product quality and upgrade the consumption in China!

Our purpose

  • Client achievement
  • Staff achievement
  • Company achievement
  • Return society


Serious, not impetuous!


Keep on learning to make progress!

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