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Development Course

In 2010, started with product testing and certification compliance ,technical consulting services. 
In 2011, Shenzhen ZOOP (headquarter) was officially established in Shenzhen to serve global customers. 
In 2013, Beijing ZOOP (administrative office) was established to connect with the NMPA for registration acceptance and routine business, and to speed up the application and registration process in the NMPA.
In 2014, a business office in Guangzhou was established to serve local cosmetics/disinfector/medical device enterprises  and provide compliance registration services.
In 2017, Guangzhou ZOOP (Branch) was established and providing comprehensive product registration and training services.
In 2018, Shanghai ZOOP (Branch) was established to fully serve enterprises in East China. 
In 2019, we developed the European strategic partner (European Branch) to fully serve the European customers.
In 2019, we develop a Korean strategic partner (Korea Branch) to fully serve Korean and Japanese companies.
In 2020, an external training department was established to provide training services on cosmectis, disinfetor, medical device based on regulations and years of experience. 

Our purpose

  • Client achievement
  • Staff achievement
  • Company achievement
  • Return society


Serious, not impetuous!


Keep on learning to make progress!

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