Domestic Ordinary Cosmetics Testing & Licensing

Regulation Outline

According to the “Announcement of the National Medical Products Administration on Adjusting Related Matters Concerning the Management of Cosmetics Registration and Record-filing” (No. 10) in December 2013 and the “Letter on Further Clarifying the Implementation Issues Concerning Cosmetics Registration and Filing” in April 2014,adjusted matters related to the management of cosmetics registration and record-filing, as of June 30, 2014 as required by the document manufacturers of non-special-use cosmetics should file product information online in accordance with the "Requirements for the Record-filing of Domestic Non-special-Use Cosmetics" before the products are marketed. Selling products without filing, once found, the products will be discontinued, and rectification will be ordered, even fined, etc.


Applicable Cosmetics

The provisions on record-filing are applicable to all domestic non-special cosmetics. The exported and home sales of non-special-use cosmetics entrusted by foreign countries to be domestically produced belong to the scope of this regulation. Special cosmetics such as sunscreen, whitening, freckle removing, dyeing and perming, deodorant and hair loss prevention are not within the scope of this regulation and need to apply for registration and obtain a registration certificate.

Dossiers Required for Record-filing

1. Product formula (no content, but not the restricted substances).

2. Plan and stereogram of product sales packaging (including labels and instructions).

3. Brief description of production process.

4. An inspection report for non-special use cosmetics issued by an authorized laboratory.
    If there is no toxicological test, a risk assessment report is required.

5. Technical requirements for products.

6. Copy of Commissioned Production Agreement (if commissioned).

7. Other supplementary information as required.

Available Services from ZOOP
In order to meet the needs of manufacturers for testing and filing, relying on the great support of the laboratory authorized by the NMPA and our technical team, we provide the following services:

Testing services for non-special-use cosmetics (test reports issued by laboratories authorized by the NMPA).

Product risk assessment.

Apply for an account in the filing system for the first time.

Filing online((data review and upload).

Co-packer’s confirmation on the filing information of products.


Our Service Advantages

Since its establishment in 2010, ZOOP has been focusing on relevant services related to product compliance, and the technical members of the cosmetics business department of the company are all from medium-sized or above cosmetics manufacturers, and have academic knowledge in biology, medicine, cosmetics, chemistry and other related fields.


Our superiorities are:

Established team high efficiency, online filing within 10-15 working days.

Rich experience, successful cases have accumulated more than 100,000 ,and high pass rate for one-time.

Full service, menu selection mode, convenient and flexible.

Reasonable price, quality and meticulous service, more considerate.


We are a completely independent third party, which does not involve the production and operation of cosmetics. You do not need to worry about the security of your customer information. Responsible to customers, quality service is the ZOOP's consistent business philosophy, we hope to serve more quality-oriented customers, and growing together! We can not only help you deal with the filing, but also help you improve and standardize product information.