Trademark Registration

Chinese trademarks, including characters, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional symbols and color combinations, as well as combinations of the above elements, may be applied for registration as trademarks.The trademark approved by the National Trademark Office is "registered trademark" with the mark "R" and shall be protected by law.

The trademark registrant has the exclusive right to indicate goods or services with the trademark, or the exclusive right to authorize others to use it for profits. Therefore, a trademark is an intangible asset of an enterprise.

A.Trademark Registration

1.Process:search name→prepare documents→submit application→license

2.Documents Required for Registration

(1)Personal Application:contract→letter of authorization→ trademark design→copy of applicant's ID card→copy of business license for self-employed

(2)Company Application:contract→letter of authorization→ trademark design→copy of company business license

3.Period:10-12 months from the date of application

B.Review of Refused Trademark

1. Required documents: contract→letter of authorization→notice of trademark rejection→copy of company business license

2. Period:6 months

C.Trademark Change/Renewal/Assignment

1. Required documents: contract→letter of authorization→copy of ID card or business license→copy of trademark certificate

2. Period:3 months for change or renewal, 6 months for assignment

D.Reissue of Trademark Certificate

1. contract→letter of authorization→ trademark design(consistent with the original certificate)→copy of ID card or business license

2. Period: 6 months